STP Impianti srl



STP Impianti designs and builds single and multiples meltblown lines that can works stand alone in the width from 1.600 to 3.200 mm net.
Meltblown lines produce extremely small diameter microfiber that are perfectly suited for use in filtration, as wipes or as barrier layers in composite products.

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STP Impianti guarantee a tailored service for the supply of reliable machinery designed and manufactured to produce goods of excellent quality with reduced production costs and higher efficiency. In addition, Customer can rely on a professional technical service and assistance from the feasibility studies up to the commissioning at the installation site.
Our first engagement is to listen to our Customers and understand their needs to work out excellent solutions.
STP Impianti supply include engineering, equipment manufacturing and pre-erection, pre-shipment test, equipment disassembling, packing and shipment, supervision to erection at site, mechanical test, production test with raw material and training of the Customer's personnel by skilled technologists.
After production start-up STP Impianti closely follow our Customer guaranting the supply of original spare parts, information about technical/technological developments to keep our Customers updated with the latest innovations, improved efficiency and product upgrading, consultancy for the new products, markets, projects etc.